UI/UX, Mobile App




User interface design, user experience design, illustration.

Project type

Academic project (individual)

01 / HalalGo

1-1. User Interviews (Customer)

I interviewed a pool of Halal food customers and found that common drawbacks and inconveniences they experienced are: long wait time (there is only 1 seller), cash-only policy, and waiting outside in the harsh winters of NYC. Below is a list of customer problems and HalalGo's solutions on the bottom.


2-1. Flow map

I created a user task flow map that outlines the user's main goal.


2-2. First sketches/wireframes

Top: Customer's flow

Bottom: Seller's flow

3-1. Illustrations for menu page

I illustrated each food item that can be ordered from an NYC Halal cart, as well as every beverage.


3-2. Interface design

3-3. Video prototype / App demo video

Top: Customer's flow

Bottom: Seller's flow

1-2. User Interviews (Seller)

I also interviewed the other side of the Halal purchasing experience: the food cart sellers. I presented my findings in an infographic, juxtaposing them in a timeline of the food buying process alongside the thought processes of the main user (customer).