UI/UX, Responsive web design




Website design, wireframing, prototyping, front-end programming, market and visual research.

Project type

Client Work

Project Goals:

Redesign the HERoines website to convey the following values: strong, hip/trendy, empowering, educating/vision-centered; hence, increasing the number of HERoines members.


Visual Research began with compiling moodboards of logo, color, type, and web layout examples that conveyed the image the client wanted to achieve. Market research involved searching for HERoines's competitors' and analyzing their websites and brand image.

Because the client really wanted HERoines to appear trendy, we were inspired by the branding of 'millennial' and trendy companies such as Billie, Thinx, Glossier, Allbirds, and Caspar.


A commonality between these brands that we decided to replicate is the soft yet vibrant colors, rounded sans serif fonts, and simple yet empowering writing tone (e.g. Glossier's "Skin first, makeup second" and Billie "Razors built for Womankind.")


Site Structure

Initial Wireframes

Chosen typefaces and color palette.

Final Design