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User research, wireframing, prototyping, illustration, animation.

Project type

Passion project (individual)

05 / Mailennial

Mail-ennial is an app that guides millennials (and younger generations) with the process of mailing a letter or package.


1-1. User Interviews 

I selected various interviewees belonging in different young generations: Millennials (1981-1996) and Gen Z (1997-2015). I handed each of them an envelope with a letter inside and told them to take me through the process of mailing it. Only about 30% of them were able to correctly describe how to mail the letter without hesitation or questions. Here are some standout responses from the majority who had trouble:

After conducting user interviews, I found out that many of my similar-aged peers felt the same. I developed this idea into a passion project because I want the next generation not to be as clueless and technology-dependent as I was.

I conducted the same process, but this time I asked them to take me through the mailing process of a package. 

2-1. Solutions/Approaches


- I learned that even a task as simple as sending a letter may result in the most confusing UX processes because so many factors can be taken into consideration. Although I could've ended up lost, doing this project taught me that breaking the task into the most basic steps before factoring in details makes it easier to create wireframes.

-Also, I found it interesting how much users crave a sense of progress, even for simple tasks (like packing an envelope). I wonder if it is because users like us are so tech-dependent; we have become impatient because we are so used to being able to click to the next step/screen.


Mail-ennial is an app that guides millennials (and younger generations) with the process of mailing a letter or package. As an adult born in “Generation Z”, I noticed that I had NO idea of even the basics of mailing a letter, let alone any understanding of the US mailing system. I decided to online research my generation’s “mail illiteracy”, and I found out that I definitely was not alone:

Chosen solution: A hybrid of 3 and 4.

This is because AR detections and Ruler programs have technical and accuracy limitations. Even the smallest of miscalculations can be pivotal when mailing a package.

2-2. Solutions/Approaches

I ideated the factors that defined the different ways and types of mailing.

2-3. Flow Map

I created a user task flow map that outlines the user's main goal.

2-4. Lo-Fi Wireframes

2-5. Hi-Fi Wireframes

3-1. Design


3-2. Clickable Prototype

Prototype for mailing paper (left) and packages (right)

3-3. Iteration 1 based on user testing & feedback

Added a "create account" option. This is because users wanted to have a record of the things they've previously mailed; in the case that they have to mail a similar thing, they can just select a previous mailing and go through those steps instead of inputting the same data again manually.

3-4. Iteration 2 based on user testing & feedback

Added number indications for the packing and mailing steps to give users a sense of progress.