The Water Dancer


UI/UX, Promotional web design




Website design, wireframing, prototyping, market and visual research, animation.

Project type

Client Work (One World Books)

Project Goals:

'The Water Dancer' is a book by Ta-Nehisi Coates under One World Publishing. The project goal is to redesign the 'The Water Dancer' landing page on the One World Website into a fun, interactive, and engaging experience.


Visual Research began with compiling moodboards of logo, color, type, and web layout examples that conveyed the overall vibe and imagery the client wanted to achieve. Market research involved analyzing the landing pages of other competitors' books.

Because the client really wanted to see water imagery, I decided to use the theme of floating as my concept. Flaoting also serves as a visual metaphor for the main character's status in the book. He was floating between two statuses: too good to be considered a slave, but not enough to be considered an heir.